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Izzi Bath is one of the leading custom bathtub manufacturers in the country and we invite you to experience the difference! Our exclusive Stay hot bath series retains the hot water temperature longer than any other bath available. All 67 models can be order with customizable therapy to meet your individual needs from air baths to advanced hydro-therapy.

Izzi also manufactures our own line of shower bases in matching colors to our bathtubs for those that prefer a shower over a bath. Our stylish shower bases and bathtubs are made out of acrylic for years of service and beauty, and come with a 10-year structural Warranty.


In recent years, freestanding tubs have become one of the biggest trends among both standard and luxury bathrooms. At IzziBath, we offer a variety of beautiful standalone tubs to contribute as a piece of art to your bathroom. They can be installed along a wall of your bathroom, or even in the middle to act as a centerpiece. Regardless of the placement, freestanding tubs bring a sense of relaxation to your bathroom. As you’ll see below, our standalone tubs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the look you’re seeking. Most are even available in sizes large enough to accommodate two people!

With IzziBath’s selection, you’ll also find a standalone tub to fit with essentially any budget. Although acrylic pedestal tubs such as these have previously been marketed as somewhat exorbitant items, they are now commonly available at lower prices. If you’ve been considering a freestanding tub to add sophistication to your bathroom, browse our selection today.