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Izzi Bath is one of the leading custom bathtub manufacturers in the country and we invite you to experience the difference! Our exclusive Stay hot bath series retains the hot water temperature longer than any other bath available. All 67 models can be order with customizable therapy to meet your individual needs from air baths to advanced hydro-therapy.

Izzi also manufactures our own line of shower bases in matching colors to our bathtubs for those that prefer a shower over a bath. Our stylish shower bases and bathtubs are made out of acrylic for years of service and beauty, and come with a 10-year structural Warranty.


Whirlpool Bathtub Purchase & Product

How do I determine what size bath to purchase?

Generally, the size of the bathing area in the bathroom will determine whether a 5-foot, 6-foot or corner bath is selected. If space is not an issue then other factors can be considered. Most consumers' compare the features, performance, style, comfort and price of the various baths being evaluated.

Are Whirlpool bathtubs expensive to operate?

No more than any other major household appliance. The motor, heater, and any other options are standard 110-volt, so the average cost to operate your Izzi Whirlpool is only pennies a day.

Can I match the color of my toilet, sink, and bathroom fixtures to my whirlpool bathtub?

Yes Izzi Whirlpools are available in over 30 colors and we are continually adding new ones. We match all major plumbing ware manufacturers’ colors - Kohler, American Standard, Eljer, and others. We also offer marble and granite acrylic colors.

How long will it take to get my order?

All Izzi Whirlpools are custom made to order. However, due to our revolutionary manufacturing process, long lead times are not a problem. Your personal unit, including specified size, shape, color, and options will ship no later than 10 working days after your order- in most cases, sooner.

At what stage of home construction is the whirlpool bathtub installed?

They are almost always installed at the framing stage in order to be signed off by the inspector for the plumbing inspection, which is usually, 4 -6 weeks into the project.

Why should I install an Izzi whirlpool tub in my home?

There are many good reasons!

Medical: Hydrotherapy has been proven to be one of the best and most effective forms of relief for certain medical conditions such as muscle and joint pain, back and neck aches, sprains, stiffness, and other minor injuries.

Stress Relief: Hydrotherapy massage is a fast and effective form of stress relief that is readily available for everyone in the family. The wide variety of jet options, lumbar massage system, and air massage system offer the ultimate flexibility in relief from stress and muscle stiffness.

Resale Value: Studies have shown that a bathroom remodeling project that features the addition of an acrylic whirlpool bath can increase the resale value of your existing home by as much as $15,000 to $20,000. Luxury bathroom options are a highly valued feature in today's housing market.

Are whirlpool bathtubs safe?

Yes, they are every bit as safe as your standard bathtub or shower. Unlike outdoor spas or hot tubs (which are similar to swimming pools), your indoor whirlpool bathtub is emptied after each use. There are no chemicals or stored water involved. The entire unit, as well as each of the components used in the production of it is NAHB tested and UL approved. Your Izzi Whirlpool bathtub meets all national and local codes.

What size water heater will I need?

As a rule of thumb, the water heater should be at least 2/3 of the capacity of the tub.

Can I order my whirlpool without the waste overflow drilled, in order to have a higher water fill?

Yes, but be aware this is a plumbing code requirement in the US.

Do I have room to install a whirlpool bathtub in my bathroom?

Izzi offers over 30 different shapes and sizes of acrylic whirlpool baths. They are available in sizes ranging from 32" x 60" to replace a standard or existing tub, to a luxurious deck-mounted 82" x 62" and all sizes in between. There are models with integral acrylic skirts and flanges and sizes that will fit into a corner. Also, just like a standard bathtub, many models can be used with or without a shower. All of the plumbing (including the pump and optional upgrades) are installed under and within the parameters of the tub so no remote component installations are necessary.

Are whirlpool bathtubs hard to install?

Izzi whirlpool bathtubs are by far the easiest units in the industry to install. Our rigid base does not require a concrete mud set. All of the power components (pump motor, heater, optional on/off switch) are supplied with a cord and plug. No need to wire - simply plug into a wall outlet. All whirlpool baths run on standard 110v power. There are no special electrical requirements. Nor are there any additional plumbing needs other than the standard water supply and waste drain.

I want to use my whirlpool bath as a shower also, is this possible?

Yes, but only if you use whirlpool baths that are designed for this purpose. They must have a tiling flange or drip less edge, and have the controls on the side of the tub. The deck must drain towards the bowl and not towards the drip less edge. Oval tubs are usually out of the question unless they are used with oval shower curtain.

Can the pump be mounted in a different location?

It is best to have the factory mount the pump directly on the whirlpool bathtub in the most accessible location for your bathroom. If necessary, the pump can be mounted as much as eight feet away from the tub. The pipes connecting the pump to the whirlpool system should be straight. The pump must be at the proper height - higher than the suction fitting and lower than the jets, and it should be indoors.

What's a whirlpool bathtub tiling flange and will I need one on my tub?

The tile flange goes around the tub deck and sticks up behind the wall tile (or other wall finish). It prevents water from dripping off the deck and onto the floor. Every tub that will be installed against one, two, or three walls should have a tile flange. This is especially critical on tubs that will be used as showers.

May I install an in-line heater on my Izzi whirlpool after purchase?

You may install an in-line heater on your Izzi unit after purchasing it; however, the heater must be an Izzi in-line heater to prevent voiding the warranty and the NAHB approvals on the jetting system.

What is a Roman tub faucet?

A Roman tub faucet is a tub set that is mounted on the deck of a tub, not on the wall. It is usually larger than a standard tub faucet set.

What is the difference between a whirlpool tub and an air bath?

A whirlpool tub has jets that circulate the water, whereas an air bath uses air bubbles that rise gently from the bottom of the tub. Whirlpools are typically used for therapy, air baths are used for a much gentler experience. Air baths can be used with aromatherapy/essential oils. Both offer a spa-like experience.

What is the difference between acrylic and fiberglass, cast iron, steel, synthetic (like limestone) tubs?

Acrylic is a solid sheet material that is heated and vacuum-formed to the desired shape. It is then reinforced at the back with fiberglass to give it strength. It is a high-end material, very durable and super easy to clean. Fiberglass is a material that adheres to a mold and then a shiny gel coat finish is sprayed onto it. It is the most common material used in tubs and showers and is the most economical.

Cast iron tubs are forged and a shiny finish is applied in powder form while the tub is hot, causing the finish to melt onto the cast iron.

Synthetic tubs are molded and then a gel coat finish is applied like the fiberglass tubs.

I’m ordering an Izzi whirlpool bath for my remodeling project, is there anything else I will need to complete the project?

Yes, you will need a waste overflow and drain kit and a Roman tub faucet with or without a hand shower.

What type of waste overflow and drain kit will I need for my Izzi whirlpool bath?

The color is up to you, but it must be an 18 to 20 inch and not the 12 inch used on regular tubs.

My contractor is ready to install my Izzi whirlpool bath and informed me that I need to select a Roman tub faucet. I want a hand shower, but don’t have the budget for it. Could I use a kitchen pullout faucet at half the cost?

It has been done before, but would only provide 1/3 the flow of the Roman filler which is 7-12 GPM. It would increase your fill time from 5 minute with a roman spout, to approximately 15 minutes.

Operation & Care

How do I clean my whirlpool circulation system?

Once every three months purge and clean the circulating system. Follow the steps outlined below: 1. Fill whirlpool with warm water and add two teaspoons of powdered dishwasher (not laundry) detergent and one half cup of household bleach to a filled whirlpool. 2. Activate whirlpool system in accordance with operating instructions, for two minutes. Then allow the Whirlpool bathtub to soak for an hour without the pump running and then run the Whirlpool bathtub for 5 minutes. 3. Drain and refill whirlpool with cold water. Circulate for five minutes. 4. Drain whirlpool completely after step 3 (above) is completed.

I have an older whirlpool that works fine, but I don’t like the color, can it be painted?

It can be, but it isn’t practical and the finish usually doesn’t last. Painting cost about the same as a new tub.

I have a 10-year-old cultured marble whirlpool bathtub that keeps shooting out black stuff when the pump is on. What can I do?

Cultured marble tubs are plumbed at the installation site and often hold old bath water in the pipes. Try our cleaning process mentioned above, and if the problem persists consider having the unit replaced or re-plumbed to the 100% NAHB drain down standards. All Izzi whirlpool bathtubs meet this standard.

What cleaners do you recommend I use to clean the acrylic finish on my Izzi whirlpool bathtub unit?

Any non-abrasive liquid cleaner off the shelf may be used. Be sure to read the label and follow the cleanser's recommendations. Do not use harsh abrasives like Comet, Ajax, Bon Ami, etc. as they will harm and dull the finish of your unit.

Can I use bubble bath or bath oils in a whirlpool bathtub?

While you can use bubble bath in whirlpool bathtub systems, we would advise that you use very little. You will end up with a mess on your hands and bubbles overflowing out of the tub. Bath oils are fine for Izzi air tubs, but we do not recommend the use of bath oils in Izzi whirlpool systems unless you follow a stringent cleaning regiment.

How do I remove the adhesive stick from the labels that are attached to my whirlpool bathtub unit?

Adhesive residue can be removed with 3-M Natural Cleaner, Disolvitor, WD40, nail polish remover, mineral spirits, lemon oil or PineSol. The cleaning product should be poured onto a clean cloth rag and wiped on the unit to remove the adhesive. Do not use paint remover, this will damage the surface.

The anti-skid floor is not coming clean with my standard liquid cleanser. What do you recommend I use?

For stubborn floor stains, a paste should be made of a cleanser such as Comet, Spic-N-Span, etc., and spread out onto the floor. Allow the paste to sit for 5-10 minutes and then gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush. The brush should be the texture of a toothbrush and vigorous scrubbing is not recommended as it could damage the finish on your floor. Rinse off all remaining paste.

What do you recommend using to remove hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime scale or difficult soap scum from my Izzi Whirlpool bathtub?

If the above suggestion does not work, you may try the following. Lime-Away or white vinegar may be used to remove calcium or lime deposits. For soap scum, general black grime or algae, household bleach may be used with moderate scrubbing. In both instances the unit should be rinsed carefully with cold water.

I understand that my bath has an in-line heater installed on it. How does it work?

Be certain that your heater is connected to a dedicated 110v, 15 amps GFCI protected circuit. The heater turns on when a vacuum switch senses water flow through the heater and the internal thermostat automatically senses the need for heat. The thermostat is set at the maximum temperature. The heater is designed to maintain the water temperature, not increase it.

When operating the air volume control in my whirlpool bath, I've noticed that the water cools faster when I open it on full as opposed to closing it or operating it on low. Why is this?

The reason for this is that the air being drawn into the whirlpool is cooler then the water. On cold days, you might want to keep the air volume control closed until the motor has run for about 5 minutes and has time to heat up. The Izzi air volume control draws air from under the deck of the tub. This air is warmer then the surround air in the room, due to the motor exhaust. As the motor heats up the under deck air, this will not be an issue.

I’ve noticed that my contractor has allowed the trades to throw garbage and construction debris in my newly installed Izzi Whirlpool bathtub. Does this void the warranty?

No, but there are warranty exclusion for this type of damage. Usually the tubs clean up with only minor scratch from this type of treatment and can be buffed by a professional surface repair company. Prevention is the best policy to avoid this expense.

What can be done about the minor scuffs and scratches that I noticed after my bath was installed?

Your product is manufactured with a tough, durable acrylic surface. Minor scratches can be removed by wet sanding the area with 600 grit sand paper. Restore the gloss using a product called Maguire’s #10 Mirror Glaze or automotive paste wax.

Installation & Electrical

Who installs the whirlpool bathtub?

There are usually four trades that are involved in the installation of the whirlpool bathtub. The framer will frame the tub deck, the electrician will wire for the whirlpool components, the plumber will set the whirlpool bathtub, and the tile man will finish the deck.

Will the whirlpool bathtub fit through my doors?

Yes, the units are carried in on their side, which doesn’t exceed 25 inches. The narrowest standard door is 30 inches.

What are the electrical requirements for an Izzi Whirlpool bathtub?

For a 1 or 11/2 HP pumps, 110v. Pumps require a dedicated 110v 20 amp GFCI protected electrical circuit. The optional in-line heater requires an additional 110v 20 amp GFCI protected electrical circuit. The optional blower air bath System requires a dedicated 110v 15 amp GFCI protected electrical circuit. Options such as fiber optic lighting system, mood lights, 30 min. timer, and low water protection do not require any additional electrical service.

What are the whirlpool bathtub weight & structural requirements?

As a rule of thumb, 60" tubs with water and a bather will weigh approximately 1000 lbs., 66" tubs will weigh approximately 1200 lbs., and 72" tubs will weigh approximately 1400 lbs. The site where the tub will be installed must provide adequate support for this weight.

What are "foundational materials" and how do I set my whirlpool bathtubs unit in them? May I use foam or sand?

Izzi Whirlpool bathtubs do not require these materials when properly shimmed, although some installers prefer to use them. If this is the case, the foundational materials Izzi recommends are casting plaster or mortar. Several mounds of the plaster or mortar should be placed on the sub floor where the floor of the unit will rest. The mounds should be good sized (about 12" dia. and 6" high.) Set the unit in the alcove on top of the plaster or mortar and level the unit. The mounds underneath the unit will depress and spread out into one another so that the entire bottom area of the unit is supported underneath. The use of sand is not recommended as it can shift and hold moisture. The use of foam is also not recommended, as it is difficult to regulate and can be unevenly dispersed under the unit causing stress points in specific areas. Over time, foam will also compress and no longer support the bottom of the unit.

What holes, if any, are cut for me on my Izzi Whirlpool bathtubs? What do I use to cut the hole with?

In our tubs, a drain and overflow hole is drilled unless otherwise specified. To cut holes for plumbing fixtures, the use of a hole saw is recommended. A saber saw may also be used. Whatever the choice of saw, the blade should be fine-toothed and sharp. The hole should be cut from the finished side out. Masking tape can be used to minimize chipping.

Is an access panel absolutely necessary? What are the consequences if I do not provide one? May I have an access panel on an outside wall?

Most local building codes require a 16”x16” access panel to access the whirlpool components. If you choose not to provide an access panel during installation and should service need to be performed on your whirlpool, a hole in the closest wall will need to be made at the homeowner's expense. Izzi is not responsible for the repair of the hole once the service on the unit is complete. You may have an access panel on an outside wall as long as all local and state building codes are followed for your area.

My plumber drilled the holes for my faucet in the wrong location, can anything be done now?

The holes can be filled and the surface painted, but this is very expensive and usually the repair is quite visible.

Is there a recommended deck height for my Izzi whirlpool bathtub?

Usually this is 20 inch, but you can raise the deck as long as the bottom of the tub is supported by the floor by shimming or a platform. The tub cannot hang by the flange unsupported. Your deck must be at least as high as indicated on your Izzi spec sheet for the overall tub height.

My new Izzi Whirlpool bath comes with an air switch to operate the tub. Do I also need a wall switch or timer?

No you don’t, but some people install them anyway to prevent small children from activating the whirlpool and possible damaging the motor by running it dry.


My contractor just finished installing my Izzi whirlpool bath, and it is not working. Prior to installing it, we plugged it in and the motor ran fine. What could the problem be?

  1. First check the power source in the main panel and under the tub deck. Make sure the plug is plugged in and that there is not a GFCI that is tripped under the deck. If you are unsure, try another appliance on this outlet such as a hair dryer.
  2. If you have power and the pump still will not operate, check the air switch by pressing the air button and listening for a click at the motor access. You may need a second person for this. If you don’t hear the switch clicking as the air button is pressed, check to see if the clear ¼ inch clear air tube is connected to the back of the motor. Occasionally, the air tube can be dislodged when sliding the whirlpool bath into the framing. If this is the case, reinsert the hose onto the pump air switch nipple and retest. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please call Izzi service at 800-214-7440
  3. It is also possible, that the pump was in the on position when the power to the house was turned on. This will cause the motor to run dry and if not turned off within 15 minute, will over heat and seize the motor. If this is the case, the motor will hum and kick the breaker.

My Izzi whirlpool bathtub pump motor, just hums, and kicks the breaker in my garage. What would cause this?

It is possible that the pump was run dry and is damaged. If the motor is run without water for 15 minute or more, the pump wet end will over heat and seize the motor. If this is the case, the motor will hum and kick the breaker. You may also have a defective motor. Please call Izzi service at: 800-214-7440.

I have an Izzi whirlpool bath, and I have a problem with the air volume control. There is air coming out of only four of the five jets. How can I solve this problem?

The problem is caused by one of the jets being clogged by debris from the job site. Quite often this is caused by mud daubers and spiders that build their nest in the whirlpool pipes by entering the jet orifice. These clogs will usually be cleared on their own, but can be manually clear with a small wire inserted into each jet orifice. It‘s not always the problem jets with the air issue where you will find the obstruction. As a precaution during construction, try to keep the trades from dumping garbage in the tub, this makes it easier for insects to drag foreign debris into the jet system.